What is 6 Second Defense

Scenario based training through physical and non-physical exercises including the effects of fight or flight. All sessions will include strenuous activities to experience the adrenaline in a fight or flight situation.

We Also Address:

• Alcohol awareness

Being aware of your surroundings

Technology distractions

Hypothetical situations which include:

• Risk detection

Initiation of sexual activity

Addressing situations in which person is not respecting boundaries (dating partners, family members, and a familiar person)

Our Mission

6 Second Defense is a multi-disciplinary approach to a holistic and inclusive program, which teaches a variety of responses to prevent sexual assault.

“Women who participate in self defense training are less likely to experience sexual assault and are more confident in their ability to resist a sexual assault”- - Joclyn Hollander, University of Oregon

Meet Instructor Andrew Flores

Former Peace Officer

Retired Peace Officer Santa Clara County Probation Dept. for 24 years


15 years Defense Tactics Instructor at the Harold Holden Justice Training Academy


Specializing in less lethal defense and crisis diffusion

Awards and Accommodations

– 2005 Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

– 2012 Blue and Gold Wounded Service Award Injured in the line of duty

– 2016 Recognition of service at the Harold Holden Justice Training Academy


CPR/First Aid

Defense Tactics Instructor/ crisis diffusion

Less lethal Instructor including OC spray

Stranger Danger – Kids Safety and Welfare Class


Course Time: 2 Sessions. One hour per session.
Age: 5-10

Course Objective: To teach children about the dangers of associating with strangers.

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Anti-Bullying and Assault Prevention Class


Course Time: 1 Sessions. Two Hours.
Age: 11 and UP

Course Objective: Raise awareness, educate, and defend yourself against bullying, cyber bullying and assault.

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Upcoming Classes

8/12/18 at club Sport San Jose at 1130am

8/25 18 at California Fitness Sacramento Region – Locations (TBD)

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